Backing up a NAS with Crashplan!

  • Posted on: 19 May 2015
  • By: Hank

Hello, Everyone!

Today I am going to show you how to backup your NAS with Crashplan from Code 42.

Code from the video:

mklink /d "F:\3tb-crashplan-nas" "\\srvr1\3tb"

You would want to sub in the location where you want the symbolic link to point to as well as the name of the SMB server/windows share. 


Crashplan is a fantastic product because it is the only true unlimited backup solution! Backblaze is a contender, but they do not offer a truly unlimited backup. Crashplan will keep your files for as long as you want them to. Whereas, Backblaze will only keep files from an external hard drive for 30 days if you disconnect it from your computer once you are done backing up. They also will also cancel your account if your computer has not been connected to the internet for 6 months. While this is a rare occurrence, as there is WIFI everywhere now, it could definitely be annoying if you had to re-upload all of your files. However, you could really be in a bad place if your computer was stolen and your backup(s) got deleted. Even so, Backblaze has also saved many people from losing everything, and they have even been able to help track down thieves with their backup program. However, Crashplan never deletes your files unless you remove them from the backup. They are also not going to cancel your account just because you have not been online or backing up to their servers for 6 months. The interface is a little harder to use but once you set it you never have to change it. Both of them are truly set and forget! The Individual Crashplan Home plan costs $5 a month if you decide to pay a month at a time. For one year, it is $59.99 and for 4 years it is $3.96 a month or $189.99. Backblaze charges $5 a month, $50 a year or $95 for two years. Both companies backup external hard drives and have saved many people from losing their data. However, if you want to backup your NAS or server I recommend Crashplan because it has a linux distribution as well as the ability to backup a NAS or other server share. I recommend checking their websites for more accurate pricing information. As of today here are the prices:

Crashplan 5-19-15 Screen Capture

Backblaze screen capture 5-19-15




















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