Bike Derailleur Hanger Repair

  • Posted on: 12 July 2015
  • By: Hank

Today, while bunny hopping we broke a derailuer hanger. Luckily about 90 amps of ac current and

13cfh from the good old ahp alphatig took care of it.

However, even though the newely welded part is probably fine as a backup we also purchased a brand new one. 

Anyways here is a picture of the fixed part


BTW This part was welded with the stubby gas lens that I did a review of here:

I actually discovered something very interesting when I welded this part. I had ground down the black

powder coat around the location of the weld but I left the rest on the part as I did not want to remove too much material. 

 However, when I finished welding it the black powder coat changed to a goldish color.