CNC Plasma Cutter: Part 2


Update 8-8 -17

I managed to fix the X-axis trolley to reduce both the wobble of the carriage as well as increase the accuracy of the cuts. I replaced the loosely-fitting cotter pin with a snug machine screw and there is currently no noticeable slop during the dry runs I have done tonight. I will do more testing tomorrow.

Here are some videos of it in action (before the fix)


Using Openvpn Access Server to access your network from a remote location

In order to get Openvpn Access Server to allow ethernet bridging which will allow us to access our home network we must first install Openvpn Access Server. A tutorial by Digital Ocean is posted below that walks you through the Openvpn Access Server Setup.

Once the server is installed we want to to enable ethernet bridging on the setup page.