• Fuel Calc
    Dirt Bike Fuel Consumption Calculator Dirt Bike Fuel Consumption Calculator Weight of Bike + Rider + Gear (lb): Known Distance (miles): Known Elevation Gain (ft): Desired Elevation Gain (ft): Total Fuel Consumed for Known DistanceContinue reading →
  • Bird Feeder Project
    Inspired by https://mobile.twitter.com/squirrelcarl https://graph.henryshosting.com/d/ff4859f8-9919-4497-aad9-a905a6f06f37/casa-de-birdo-dos?orgId=1&refresh=10s
  • Night Eye
    Staring into the glaring white light at 2 am is something nobody enjoys, but it is something we have all done. I have just discovered nighteye.app and it is awesome. It manages to render allContinue reading →
  • Flight Simulator Yoke Mount
    There is nothing better than 3D printing a part needed for something around the house. With the release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in the late summer of 2020 I was scrambling toContinue reading →
  • Ender 3 Glass Bed Review
    The print pictured above is of the Canon Lens Hood 18-55 created by StlzZo from Thingiverse. The material used is Atomic Filament Carbon Fiber PETG. One of the most annoying parts about 3D printing isContinue reading →