Current Projects

  • Bird Feeder Project
    Inspired by
  • CNC Plasma Cutter Build Notes
    Just some random notes about the setup of my CNC Machine. Diameter of AHP Alphacut 60 Torch PT-60 (Red plastic part just above nozzle)  1.2955″  Mach 3 Settings: Z-Axis ​40,000 for “steps per” 37.5 for “Velocity In’s or mm’s per min” 7.2175 “Acceleration in’s or mm’s/sec/sec”
  • CNC Plasma Cutter: Part 2
      Update 8-8 -17 I managed to fix the X-axis trolley to reduce both the wobble of the carriage as well as increase the accuracy of the cuts. I replaced the loosely-fitting cotter pin with a snug machine screw and there is currently no noticeable slop during the dry runs I have done tonight. I will do more testing tomorrow. Here are some videosContinue reading →
  • CNC Plasma Cutter Build
    Building a CNC Plasma Cutter Update 8-4-17 After putting this project on the sideline for over a year I can happily say that it now works.I am still learning how to use the cam software so I have only been able to cut out squares. However, these squares are accurate to a 1/16″ and have little dross on them. The material used forContinue reading →
  • Spacer Calculator
    Need to know the distance between multiple parts over a fixed distance?  The spreadsheet below should help with those calculations.  Good Luck!
  • Making a Motor Mount for the Predator Engine
    Mounting the 6.5 horsepower Harbor Freight engine to the top of the robot produced a lot of vibration and made it extremely difficult to remove the engine. Therefore, I decided to make a separate motor mount that could be detached with 4 5/16in bolts. Below are videos documenting the build process as well as pictures (through the link). Feel free to copy theContinue reading →