AHP Alphacut 60 Review

December 25, 2015:

Today we are reviewing the AHP Alpha Cut 60. I was super excited to open it up and try it out, unfortunately, it has some problems. When I first connected it the pilot arc wasn’t working and therefore, the thing would not cut. I soon realized that the little bolt that holds on the wire for the pilot arc was loose and after trying to fix it it fell into the welder. I was, however, able to extract the wire from the machine and wire it into the torch. From then on it worked great. I cut through lots of steel and even some aluminum. The machine was working great and it was pumping out 60 amps of plasma cutting power. Sure enough, the wonderful little alert light came on the machine stopped working. I figured that maybe I had exceeded the duty cycle but sure enough, there was some other problem. I checked the troubleshooting guide in the manual and it said that I should check the top circuit board and essentially the rest of the machine for blown electrical components. So after letting it cool down for about an hour, I decided that I was probably time to open up the machine and have a little look. I tightened the bolt that holds the pilot arc cable on and reattached the torch. I decided that I might as well test the machine out to see if that was the only problem that was causing the error, as the rest of the electronics looked just fine. When I pulled the trigger the pilot arc came alive and then a half second later two of what I believe to be transistors blew out.


I contacted AHP and their customer support was very helpful. The unit had a problem within the thirty day warranty period, therefore, they are going to pay for the shipping. If the unit had failed after the 30 day period the customer would have to pay for the shipping to the facility. However, the warranty is good for 3 years so they would fix it and then send it back. As far as I know they would pay the return shipping. 


I have finally received my plasma cutter back! It now works like a champ! I can’t wait to have this tool back online. Above is a 3 part video series of my newly received plasma cutter.