Tool Reviews

  • Water Cooled Torch Setup For AHP Alphatig 200x
    Want to Make a Portable and Modular Water Cooler for your TIG Welder? The pictures below may help. Good Luck! Setup:  Welder: AHP Alphatig 200x (2014 model) Torch: CK 20 with 25 ft leads (Built by HTP America) Pump: 220 Volt Procon Beverage Cooler Pump Reservoir: 5 Gallon Water Cooler Container Bottle Hose Configuration: 1/4″ NPT Air Compressor Quick Releases
  • AHP Alphacut 60 Review
    December 25, 2015: Today we are reviewing the AHP Alpha Cut 60. I was super excited to open it up and try it out, unfortunately, it has some problems. When I first connected it the pilot arc wasn’t working and therefore, the thing would not cut. I soon realized that the little bolt that holds on the wire for the pilot arc was loose and after trying to fix it it fell into the welder. I was, however, able to extract the wire from the machine and wire it into the torch. From then on it worked great. I cut throughContinue reading →
  • AHP Alphatig 200x Review
    Have you ever wanted to weld aluminum, steel, titanium, stainless steel, and magnesium? If you want to weld these metals you are probably going to need a tig welder. Tig welding, or tungsten inert gas welding is a welding process in which heat is transferred from the torch to the workpiece via a tungsten electrode. When I first got the AHP Alphatig 200x I didn’t have any argon so I used the 75/25 gas from my mig welder. The results were uh…..interesting. I guess you could call them hippie welds. When I was using the 75/25 gas the metal would change into anContinue reading →
  • Milwaukee Dry Cut Saw Review
    The Milwaukee Dry-Cut Machine Model #6190-20 Today I did a video review of the Milwaukee 6190-20 dry-cut saw. I have had the saw for about a year and have completed many, many projects with it. "Roberto" from the "Robots" section of this website was built using the Milwaukee dry cut saw and the Hobart Handler 140 Mig welder. Although I can't say that he was entirely built using that saw because when I started out I actually didn't have a chop saw of any kind so the frame for "Roberto" was actually cut with a 4.5" Milwaukee angle grinder. However,Continue reading →
  • Hobart Handler 140 Review
    Hobart Handler 140 Review Hobart Handler 140 Review Have you ever broken a shovel? Or maybe a wind chime? Or wanted to start a little fabrication project but didn't want to have to take out a 2nd mortgage your house just to start welding? Well if you want a reliable welder that offers the most power in its class, while only plugging into a regular 110-volt household outlet the Hobart Handler 140 is for you! It is not a cheap import welder that will last you two days, it is manufactured in the USA and owned by the same companyContinue reading →