Changing the Owncloud Login Logo

Hello Everyone!

Today, we are going to change our default Owncloud logo from the one shown below:


  1. First, go to your Owncloud folder on your server. If you are running a default Owncloud instance on Ubuntu with Apache as the webserver the default path would probably be:


  1. Once you are there go to the core folder and then the img folder.


  1. You will find two files that you want to change. There is a logo.png and a logo.svg file.
  2. Simply upload your own version of the logo.png and the logo.svg file and you will have successfully changed your logo. (Note: If you are having problems trying to convert your logo to a .svg it is not all that big a deal because I have found that if you just change one line of the css code you don’t need a .svg.‚Äč

  1. To change your logo from a svg to a png go to your main Owncloud folder.
    1. If you are running Apache on an Ubuntu Server your default Owncloud folder is probably: /var/www/html/owncloud (This is the same path that is mentioned above).

  1. Then go into your core folder.

  1. Then go into your css folder and open up the header.css file.


  1. On line 73 of the file you should find a line named:

background-image: url(../img/logo.svg);

  1. Once you are done change the line should look like this:

background-image: url(../img/logo.png); (Also as shown above)

  1. Once you have found this line change logo.svg to logo.png and save and close the file as shown above.
  2. Restart your Apache Server and you are good to go!

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