Rocket Loader™ Off

Using Owncloud With CloudFlare

        In the last article, we discussed the option of using Cloudflare for free SSL, DDoS protection, and so on. While configuring CloudFlare they give you the option to use their new tool called the Rocket Loader™ which speeds up page loading times, but can also cause problems with when loading interactive Javascript applications such as Owncloud. When Rocket Loader™ is enabled it can speed up webpage loading times but the speed difference is nominal compared to it being off. However, the Owncloud login page was broken after enabling Rocket Loader™. Upon arriving on the page, the login button was already depressed even though no information had been entered into the login form. A quick fix, and the only fix that I know of for this is to turn Rocket Loader™ off, and then dump the cache. After that the login page should become usable again. Hopefully, this helps!


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