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Making a Motor Mount for the Predator Engine

Mounting the 6.5 horsepower Harbor Freight engine to the top of the robot produced a lot of vibration and made it extremely difficult to remove the engine. Therefore, I decided to make a separate motor mount that could be detached with 4 5/16in bolts. Below are videos documenting the build process as well as pictures (through the link). Feel free to copy the design but do so only at your own risk!. Happy Building!

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How to Make an Aluminum Belt Buckle

If you are interested in making an aluminum belt buckle the following set of videos will show you how. This project was inspired by Miller Welders’, “Project Idea: Brown Dog Welding creates Sucker Punch belt buckle” project. 

Although this project was inspired by Josh Welton, the owner of Brown Dog Welding who used a Miller Dynasty 200, I uses the AHP Alphatig 200x and had zero trouble. From what I have learned most of the time the machine does not slow the operator down. Most of the time it is the operator’s lack of practice and experience that is the greatest roadblock for any project. With that said, Good Luck and Stay Classy ;).  

Here is my set of videos:


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Making a Tubing Die

Making a Tubing Die

Today, I put together a tubing die. The idea behind it is that you heat up both ends of the tubing and then smash the two metal plates together and the tubing is supposed to fuse together and form a solid connection… Well, that is the idea anyway. 

Here is a video of the build process:


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Robo Scrubber

Want a cool project to build during the fall? Hate sweeping leaves and or scrubbing concrete? Have some extra steel and possibly a motor laying around? If you want to save some time and have some fun build a Robo Scrubber! In the video above you will see how I built mine. Enjoy!

If you want a direct link you can click the following: or you can click the “youtube” button once you hit play.

Happy Scrubbing and Sweeping!


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Making my own aluminum air tank

Making your own air tank? It isn’t on the list of good ideas, but for purely educational purposes I had to try. It actually turned out to be air-tight and it didn’t explode so all in all it was a good test. To add onto the success all of its components were made from recylced aluminum. For instance, the main cylinder came from an old umbrella and the end pieces were from scrap plate. All in all, was the project fun? Yes!! it was a blast! If you do attempt to make your own air tank DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! I am not responsible for what you create so please use your best judgement! With that said, Have a Fantastic Day!


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Air conditioner water recycling with an Arduino

Hello everyone! As you may know California is in a severe Drought along with many of the other states in the U.S. To help with

conserve water we have been saving water using a bucket when we do our dishes but we decided to take it to the next level! 

The airconditioner drys the air before it sends it into the house and therefore there is a condensation line that produces a little bit of water. 

The water is cold and clear and even though it may be potable we have not decided to find out. However, we have come up with a little 

system that captures the water in an old tuberware container and then pumps it into a 5 gallon bucket with an arduino, a relay control module,

and a small pump from Harbor Freight Tools. The code is relatively simple. It is just the standard arduino blink code with a couple of the settings

reveresed as well as longer delay times. 


Harbor Freight Pump:



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We got a new engine!


We tested out the gokart with the small Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine but it only had enough power to push the gokart with nobody in it. Therefore, we decided that if this was going to move it was going to need a bigger engine. A quick trip to Harbor Freight solved that problem. We were able to get a 6.5 hp horizontal shaft engine for $100. It is one of those honda clone engines so it runs very well, just like a Honda.

Link to Harbor Freight Honda Clone Engine:

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We are Building a GoKart!

We have built robots and quadcopters but we have never built a gokart. With some time off and a free engine the only remaining question was, why not build it? Here is some footage of the 2hp Briggs and Stratton engine running. We got he engine off of an old 1950s lawn mower we got off the curb. Although the lawn mower is from the 1950s it still turned over with new gas and new spark plugs along with some starting fluid. Here is a video of it running with the clutch installed and the wheels attached. 

To see our new engine mounted to the robot click here:


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Robot Lift Kit

Here is Roberto’s lift kit that is its actually the weed remover.


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IPAD Friendly

We are proud to announce that our website is now Ipad friendly. The front page slideshow which was previously not available is now available due to the new update.

If you experience any problems please email me at [email protected], or through the site-wide contact forum available here.

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