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Making a Motor Mount for the Predator Engine

Mounting the 6.5 horsepower Harbor Freight engine to the top of the robot produced a lot of vibration and made it extremely difficult to remove the engine. Therefore, I decided to make a separate motor mount that could be detached with 4 5/16in bolts. Below are videos documenting the build process as well as pictures (through the link). Feel free to copy the design but do so only at your own risk!. Happy Building!


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Build Season is Coming Video

Two Days ago we published pictures of the welded square tube steel stating, “Build season is Coming” and then, “Build Season is Here”. Today, however, we have a video of all the steps it took to make it. Except who wants to watch an hour of production when you can see it in a minute!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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Build Season Square Tubing Intro

Build Season Square Tubing Intro

Today we welded some square tubing together for an intro video. As the pictures show it first says, “Build Season Is Coming”, it then switches to “Build Season Is Here”. 

Build Season is Coming!

Build Season is Here

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Homemade Welding Cart

I made a welding cart about 3 months ago but I never got around to posting it here. Granted this website has only been online for 3 weeks. Nevertheless, here is a picture of it.


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